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Purchase Fibroid Elimination Recipe Cookbook

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The “Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide” cookbook is a concise, “no nonsense” instructional manual that has been composed as the result of years of dietary research and clinical trials, that has led to the development of an infallible process that can actually totally eliminate uterine fibroids in as little as 40 days.

All recipes follow the strict guidelines of low or no starch, non-hybrid, estrogen and aromatase free.

If you or any of your friends or family members have been diagnosed with fibroids, cysts or any other reproductive disorders, then this “bible” is the perfect gift.

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Purchase Electric: A Modern Guide to Non-Hybrid & Wild Foods

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The highly anticipated debut of the “Electric A Modern Guide to Non-Hybrid & Wild Foods” cookbook lives up to it’s expectations. Informative & authoritative  Chef Ahki delivers a well-researched lifestyle book drawing inspiration from her studies as a naturopath and a Choctaw native of Oklahoma. This collection of recipes is beautifully presented in full color photos that are sure to get you excited about taking “Vegan” to the next Level.

Orders ship to United States, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica and the United Kingdom via USPS Priority or Express Mail.

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Wellness Goals

With the Wellness Goals Consultation Chef Ahki will guide you and show you how to approach your new lifestyle.

You will learn healthy tips for creating nutrient rich and balanced meals, how to prepare your kitchen for the Electric Lifestyle switch, and electric herbs to incorporate for exciting meals. The package includes: One Hour phone consultation and the 7 Day Meal Plan.

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All Inclusive Chef Ahki Food Cleanse Packages

Each package includes: a One on One Phone Consultation with Chef Ahki, The Chef Ahki Wellness Guide, plus The Electric Foods Shopping List and Do Not Eat list. The Chef Ahki plan comes complete with Meal Calendar & Recipes for 7, 14 or 21 days.

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Chef Ahki Launches New Delicious Indigenous Detox Products

Orders ship to United States, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica and the United Kingdom via USPS Priority or Express Mail.

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This Tea is Electric!  An Organic Blend of Indigenous Herbs Cultivated to Nourish & Energizedi-tea-blends-logo-transparent-web

Drink these Alkaline blends of electric herbs to energize and start your day. Available in 8oz packages.


Organic Yerba Mate Herbal Teas are a special Organic Blend of Indigenous Herbs cultivated by Chef Ahki. Organic Yerba Mate provides a smooth gentle increase in energy similar to coffee without the crash. It also provides mental focus.  The teas are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish & give you energy.  It’s alkalinity at its best.  

Organic Yerba Mate Herbal Teas are available for $13.99 in 8oz packages in the following flavorsHerbal Teas

Roasted Dandelion:  This blend has hints of carob and is reminiscent to a cafe latte.

Tamarind Citrus & Ginger:  This refreshing blend makes a wonderful iced tea.

Click here to learn more about Chef Ahki’s Organic Yerba Mate Herbal Teas.

Orders ship to United States, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica and the United Kingdom via USPS Priority or Express Mail.

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Organic Raw Black Moss is available in an 8oz package for $12.99

Orders ship to United States, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica and the United Kingdom via USPS Priority or Express Mail.

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di-spices-logo-transparent-webThis Spice is Electric!

The Delicious Indigenous Organic nonhybrid seasoning salt is a savory blend of herbs cultivated by Chef Ahki for the ultimate seasoning blend. Add to all your vegetable dishes to enhance flavor. No MSG or additives. “Move over Lawry’s!!!”

Available in 4oz container for $9.99 and 8oz for $14.99.

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Natural Beauty Organics is an all natural hair care system designed to cultivate hair growth. We use all natural ingredients. Like hemp seed oil and avocado oil, both rich in omega 3 fatty acids that your hair loves. We are trained professionals with over 16 years experience in managing natural hair. Therefore, we know that the hair needs moisture and lots of TLC. Our mission is to bring healthy, chemical free hair care solutions to women with textured hair worldwide.  Natural Beauty Organics is the product for you!

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Not only should we eat Alkaline Electric Foods but we should also use vegan plant based body care. Check out this amazing brand of feminine hygiene products.

The Honey Pot feminine hygiene products are gentle enough for your most delicate parts and safe enough for expecting moms and even young girls, these feminine products are free of sulfates, parabens, carcinogens, dyes, additives and artificial ingredients – utterly free from anything unnatural. With that in mind, we encourage you to read more about what The Honey Pot can do for you! Here’s to a blissful hygiene experience!  

Products Include:
Feminine Washes, Wipes & Menstrual Products starting at just $6.99.
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WorldClass Private Chef Ahki Services

Want Chef Ahki to come to your Home? Need a more hands on approach to your wellness regimen? Chef Ahki’s Private Chef Services is perfect for your next event at home or abroad. Unlike a catering service or ordinary domestic cook, Chef Ahki brings Indigenous wisdom.
Food Cleansing plans, tantalizingly scrumptious recipes plus herbal infusions to detox your entire system and she sprinkles it all with her own Brand of Magical Spice dust, for impeccable taste and a small waist! Click here for more information on Private Chef Services or call 800-987-1466.

Chef Ahki is proud to offer the  fun and educational premium personal chef workshop “Ladies Nite in the Kitchen” in the comfort of your home. This is a great way to spend time with friends and family while learning how to prepare healthy and delicious recipes from a celebrity chef.  Fees are customized based on the number of participants and usually includes 1 Beverage, 1 Entrée and 1 Dessert.  Click here for more information or call 800-987-1466.

Speaking Engagements & Classes

Booking Chef Ahki to Come to your City or Community

EF Class picChef Ahki is Available for Classes and Presentations and even Food demonstrations in your community. Call 404-399-7323 to receive more information on how you can make it happen. Chef Ahki is an authoritative, entertaining and passionate speaker. Her lecture exposes the dangers of modern convenience foods and gives detailed guidelines on how to incorporate mineral and nutrient dense foods into your daily small_IMG_1803lifestyle.

The stage is set with diagrams, info graphics and videos to display the most up to date knowledge in this area. Detailed guidelines are provided that will assist participants in making choices that will help to maximize their health.

Though our current state of health is a serious matter, Chef Ahki’s class is still engaging and filled with relatable humor. She truly has a gift for bringing the message of responsible living to life.


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