Heal Holistically With Chef Ahki’s Fibroid Elimination Course

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Heal Holistically With Chef Ahki’s Fibroid Elimination Course

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month! According to statistics, 600,000 hysterectomies are performed annually due to uterine fibroids. 600,000! The United States performs more hysterectomies than any other country in the world, and 78% of these hysterectomies are performed on African American women.

My heart breaks just thinking about how many women can no longer have children because they were told that this would be the only way to remove their fibroids.

Let me tell you, it is not! I want to save you, your mother, your sister, your aunt, cousin, ANYONE who is feeling the extreme pain from this disease.

I want to stop women from making the biggest mistake of their lives. That’s why I’ve created The Fibroid Elimination Course.

A course to help you understand that healing your womb doesn’t have to come out of a bottle. This is a 4 module course that will educate you on the causes of uterine fibroids, introduce you to a real survivor, and teach you how to get in the kitchen and begin your healing process.

You’ll learn the things that your “doctor” will not tell you. In this course, I am giving you all the resources and tools I use for my clients.

When you purchase this course you will get:

• The Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide, The Fibroid Elimination Dictionary and 60 days in The Fresh Tribe.
• 4 module webinar series with fibroid specialists Dr Amun and Dr Amsu and a Q&A with a fibroid survivor Gessie.
• Get in the kitchen with me! I’ll teach you how to make the meals that heal your body and please your palette.

All the necessities to begin the healing journey and reclaim your womb.


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