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Chef Ahki Weighs In On Personal Style

IMG_1111_webI believe personal style evolves with experience and maturity. We may move through phases such as wanting to stand out or separate ourselves from the crowd…we may want to make a strong statement or win someone’s affection.

This is where wisdom comes in…I remember reading an article titled “The Burka vs. The Bikini”. It highlighted the extreme difference in perception from the western and eastern world when it came to fashion and self image.

The Muslim women interviewed in the article found it comical that women who flaunted their bodies publicly in bikinis, tight dresses and short shorts felt sorry for them for “being forced” to dress so modestly due to their traditional beliefs.

I found it quite fascinating and refreshing to read how these women saw themselves quite differently than the rest of the world. They said that they chose to willingly cover their bodies because they viewed them as being so sacred and beautiful that it would have to be a great privilege of the highest sort such as her hand in marriage to be gazed upon in such a way.

They seemed to feel sorrow towards western women for not holding a similar standard or
esteem. Interesting right?

Well I’ll say this…I love to see what Nikki or Rihanna will strut next on the red carpet…but me myself I’m a bit of a Claire Huxtable kind of gal. Class is Timeless…It never goes out of style. -Chef Ahki

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