Do Prescription Drugs Make You Sick?

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Do Prescription Drugs Make You Sick?

According to the CDC 42% of adults in America take at least one prescription drug. And 40% of all American adults over 60 years old take at least 5 prescription drugs!

What’s the problem with that?

Prescription drugs are synthetic, unnatural substances. Our bodies recognize these unnatural synthetic substances as “toxic”.

When we take pharmaceuticals we absorb toxins. Eventually the body is forced to “detoxify” itself of these substances. This process leads to a gradual depletion of vitamins and other essential cellular nutrients in the body.


In the human body, all synthetic unnatural substances are “detoxified” by the liver. The liver uses magnesium and other cellular nutrients in the detoxification process. Your body also uses a process called hydroxylation to remove synthetics. The strongest “hydroxylating agent” in your body is vitamin C. Vitamin C is literally destroyed during the hydroxylation process.

Consequently, in the process of detoxifying itself of pharmaceuticals, your body uses up essential minerals and nutrients otherwise required to optimize your health.

The long-term use of synthetic prescription drugs leads to chronic vitamin and mineral depletion, a form of early scurvy and the onset of auto-immune disease.

But What If I’ve Already Been Using Prescription Drugs?

Fortunately for us, the body restores itself when is properly nourished. Minerals, hydration, sunlight, oxygen and exercise are key. We can also encourage the healing process through detoxing at least 4 times a year at the change of each season.

Remember, your body is always eager to heal itself, if you are willing to acquiesce.

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