From 14 day cleanings to fertility treatments, Chef Ahki teaches you how to live a better life.

Once a Year Holiday Sale!!

#ISSASALE Take advantage of this once a year sale and enjoy discounts on Delicious Indigenous Products and Books by Chef Ahki! Sale Ends 1/7/18 e-Book - Now $14.99 | 

Celebrity Chef Ahki Appearance at WERKPraySlay Event

Celebrity Chef Ahki will be making an appearance at the WERKPraySlay Event on Saturday November 4th.  WERKPraySlay Weekend is the ultimate weekend for winning women. The event is 3 days of empowerment + education

Delicious Indigenous Re-Branding “Comfort Food”

“Eat what feels & tastes good”~Chef Ahki  Simple instructions right? Wrong. Can’t be because so many claim to do just that, “ I eat Good!”...yet how does ending up in the hospital with preventable

Are My Feminine Hygiene Products Safe?

It's Women's Wellness Wednesday ladies! We're in a new year which means we need to make new choices and decisions when it comes to our health and wellness. One area that I am very

Top 5 Libido Boosting Foods

Let's talk about sex! When it comes to intimacy, we don't always realize the importance of food and diet when it comes to our sex lives. What we eat can either enhance or hinder

10 Things To Know Before Visiting Cuba

1 Aint No English Bruh. 2 Travel Insurance is mandataory 3 Know why you’re visiting Cuba 4 Pick your lodging carefully 5 It’s Expensive 6 Know Your History 7 Its HOT. Be prepared. 8

How Can I Improve Fertility with Electric Foods?

Ladies, are you trying to conceive or know someone who is? This post is for you! There are electric foods that help improve fertility when introduced into your daily diet. Did you know that

How do I get Calcium as a Vegan?

So you're ditching the dairy and wondering how am I gonna get enough calcium? Good news! The electric diet is full of calcium rich foods and none of them are cheese, milk or yogurt!

Where do you get your protein?

It's one of the most commonly asked questions of vegans and vegetarians - where do you get your protein? The answer? From tons of sources! Protein is not solely obtained from eating animal flesh and

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