From 14 day cleanings to fertility treatments, Chef Ahki teaches you how to live a better life.

Don’t Blame It On The Alcohol

Remember The Chef Ahki A B C’s - Always. Be. Cleansing. Now I know most of you eat a pretty clean diet, and are already experiencing the benefits of eating non-hybrid, organic produce, nuts and seeds. But for those who just got hip… or maybe you been drinking way too much “organic wine” … I

The Essential Fat Smoothie

Are you a veggie lover in need of extra fuel for your workout or maybe you just want to maintain your weight? Well this ones’ for you. Ingredients 1 banana (mashed or cut into chunks, frozen bananas will create a colder smoothie) 1/4 cup organic almond butter 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon ¼ cup hempseeds 1tsp.


With Heirloom seeds of course...Why use Non-Hybrid Seeds? Simple. Nutritional and Genetic Integrity. Many vegetables today lack nutrition from over-hybridization. Recent tests are showing that many of the vegetables, grains and other produce you buy, INCLUDING ORGANIC PRODUCE, are nutrient-deficient. If you want to truly be in charge of your nutritional intake, you must home