PROSTATE CANCER! Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

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PROSTATE CANCER! Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Okay brothaz’ we gone work this out…right?

“The prostate is harmed by white sugar, alcohol, vinegar, salt, processed foods, the toxic synthetic chemicals in commercial deodorants, colognes, cough suppressants and allergy remedies.

They enter the blood and prostate. They cause cellular waste to be suppressed (kept) in the prostate and alter normal function. It is best to use natural products and get familiar with your local health food stores and online shops.


  • Decrease cholesterol (both blood levels and intake). Cholesterol metabolites are cytotoxic and carcinogenic and have been shown to accumulate in the hyperplastic or cancerous human prostate.  Epoxycholesterols initiate degeneration of epithelial cells, leading to the increased regeneration seen in BPH (LDL oxidizes the most easily).
  • Decrease animal products that may contain DES residues.
  • Vegan diet
  • Low sugar, low fat diet of unsaturated fats
  • Calorie percentages: 70% complex carbohydrates, protein 12-15%, fat 15-18%
  • Low cholesterol/See hypercholesterolemia
  • Low Sodium/Sodium-restricted diet (does not include sea salt)
  • Vegetarian cleansing diet or short fasts
  • Fasting, and colonics

Sample Vegetarian Diet

Therapeutic Foods:

  • Eat foods containing zinc: nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, safflower seeds.
  • Increase omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: vegetable, nut, seed oils, walnuts, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, black currant and coconut oil.
  • Electric foods:  apples, cherries, olives, plums, yams, greens, coconut, black rice, black quinoa, pears, papaya, dates, almonds, sea moss, black berries.
  • Foods rich in Zinc and Vitamin E: squash seeds, almonds, sesame seeds, tahini, kelp
  • Raw pumpkin seeds
  • Anise, tangerine, cherries, figs, lychee, sunflower seeds, mangoes, seaweeds
  • High fiber foods

Fresh Juices:

  • Dandelion, ginger, limes, cucumber
  • Romaine lettuce, pears
  • Lemon  or lime juice in warm water


  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • saturated fats
  • strong spices
  • spicy food
  • dairy products
  • fatty foods
  • fried foods
  • caffeine
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